Pollen allergies

With the arrival of the spring for many people begins a real suffering with sneezing, itchy, red and swollen eyes, runny or blocked nose, itchy throat, cough, tiredness and a general feeling unwell.
The hay fever become manifest especially on eyes and nose. In more heavy cases it could affect the hole respiratory system.
The complications include sinusitis, asthma and inflammation of the middle ear.
Depending on the duration and heaviness of the symptoms there are different therapy strategies available.
Beside the pharmacotherapy the prevention is very important. The patients should wash the hair before going to sleep. Before planning leisure time activities they should take a look at the pollen calendar. Exposure to cigarette smoke can aggravate the symptoms. The newest scientific studies have shown that the allergens (the proteins that activate the allergic reaction) are not only inhaled by the airways but also absorbed by the skin. An intact skin barrier plays an important role. A correct cure of the skin can reduce the intensity of the symptoms.
Because allergies take part of the psychosomatic group of diseases the psychological wellness is very important. Relaxation exercises, yoga and acupuncture can help a lot. In grave cases when pharmakotherapy doesn’t bring positive effects a psychological counselling can be helpful.

Pollen calendar