Possible Causes, Treatment and Prevention

FootpainFoot pain often leads to a doctor’s visit. The feet carry our entire body weight every day, are often neglected in personal cure and damaged by modern shoes. Foot pain can be very diverse and have different causes.

Roughly speaking, foot pain is usually the result of excessive or improper strain with or without a misalignment, which can lead to signs of degeneration (arthrosis), tendinitis and even fatigue fractures) fractures without a corresponding trauma).

Possible causes are:
• Excessive and improper stress strain due to overweight
• Excessive and improper stress strain due through sport
• Heel spur
• Misalignments of the foot (e.g. hallux valgus, arched-flat foot, splayfoot)
• Nerve compression
• Disc prolapse

Other non-orthopedic organic diseases can also trigger foot pain:
• Diabetes
• Gout
• Hormonal fluctuations in woman
• PAD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease)
• Dermatological diseases in the foot area
• Inflammatory diseases

The underlying causes need to be treated. In many cases, choosing the right shoes will significantly improve symptoms. In addition, physiotherapeutic and pharmacological therapies are available. Orthopedic problems of the feet in adulthood should be prevented in childhood. Children should always wear orthopedically correct shoes and walk barefoot as often as possible. Walking barefoot promotes foot maturation and the development of the foot arch in the child.