While we were able to hide it well in warm socks and closed shoes in the cold season, in the summer the ugly nail fungus becomes a real problem, when we want to wear sandals. Soon begins the often unsuccessful and long fight against the unwanted guest. Nail fungus is widespread, highly contagious, basically harmless but quite ugly. Local medicine, usually in form of nail polish, often doesn’t bring the desired success. Nail fungus, like all fungal infections, is very persistent and it’s the best to tackle it by the root. This is best done with oral antifungals such as for example Terbinafine 125 mg or 250 mg. In contrast to the instructions in the package insert, experience has shown that it is enough to take it twice a week for a successful treatment. The nail will grow healthy and the diseased part will be cut off gradually. According to the different growth rates of finger and toe nails, the treatment takes 6 weeks on the fingernail and 12 weeks on the toenail. Local remedies can be used additionally to reduce the fungus of the diseased parts. For safety, it is recommended to check the liver values before and during the treatment. Who starts at time, will enjoy the sandal season!