Internship at Dr Silvia Kurpanik’s office
A testimonial

My name is Paweł Kieszczyński and I’m a medical doctor from Poland. Few months ago when I was still a student I was searching for a place for my Erasmus internship. By sheer accident I found out about Dr. Silvia Kurpanik office and it catched my eye from the start. Thanks to Dr Kurpanik kindness I was able to come to Florence and work with her for 2 months between July and September. In this short article I would like to give you a glimpse of how does the work looks like here.
I wouldn’t be able to start in any other way than with the description of the digital quality Dr Silvia provides and I’m not only writing about telemedicine but also about the response time for messages or e-mails. This made it significantly easier for me to organize the internship and to gather all the necessary documents that my University demanded. Thanks to the accessibility of Dr Silvia I was able to get through all the formal procedures many times quicker then all of my friends that have been heading to different places around Europe.
Of course the quality of Telemedicine made a strong impression on me as well. The original platform she has created worked really well and during many online consultations that I’ve seen I haven’t noticed a single noticeable problem with the connection or with the quality of the video or sound.
When staying in the topics of the technology, another aspect that I definitely must remember to introduce in the future to my own office in Poland is the quality of Dr Silvia’s website. I don’t recall seeing in Poland so intuitive online booking option for visits, especially in private doctors office. This makes the work significantly better organized.
And at the end I’d like to describe how the work looked like. Each day I was able to see so many different cases, and meet people from so many different cultures speaking different languages that I couldn’t even imagine before coming to Florence. It definitely opened my eyes on the aspect of medicine and its influence on people all around the world.
Because of the fact that Dr Silvia provides complex medical care I was able to see vast variety of medical problems, from different medical specializations and learn the best way of treatment. At the same time I could compare and see the differences or sometimes similarities between medicine in Poland and the “Swiss” quality of medicine that Dr Silvia actually introduces into her work.