General terms of service and use of our telemedicine services and of other internet services* of the clinic Dr. Silvia Kurpanik e-Health Institute.

*online appointment booking, personal account with electronic patient file, integrated chat with the doctor, medical informations on the website

Thank you for having choosen Dr. Silvia Kurpanik’s clinic!


Telemedicine video consultations of e-Health Institute are partial service of the total offer of the clinic of Dr. Silvia Kurpanik.

Video consultations are offered to patients who already have been treated in person in the clinic of Dr. Silvia Kurpanik before a virtual consultation.

Patients who request a virtual consultation for the first contact must be in the Florence area, so that if there is a medical need, there is always the possibility of an examination in person in the office or in a home call.

It is guaranteed that the video consultation will be carried out only by Dr. Silvia Kurpanik.

It is up to Dr. Kurpanik to asses the patient’s health problem and to recommend an examination in person if necessary.

The video consultations are carried out exclusively via the specially for the medical consultation developed NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified platform, which meets all requirements for data protection and telemedicine guidelines.

Documents that contain the patient’s medical information and are issued as as part of the video consultation or exchanged between doctor and patient are sent exclusively via the above mentioned platform during the consultation or password protected via a secure e-mail program.

All medical and non-medical documents created in electronic form (prescriptions, referrals, medical certificates, reports, invoices) are also available to the patient as original paper documents.

The video consultation is the only service offered by Dr. Silvia Kurpanik, which must be paid in advance. The patient is asked to only make the payment a few minutes before the scheduled appointment if he is sure that he wants to make the consultation.

Patients who are entitled to a reduced fee are asked to indicate this when booking an appointment. Otherwise the full price will be charged.

When booking the appointment, we ask that you to briefly describe the medical issue you are contacting us for so that the doctor can asses whether the problem can be dealt with a video consultation. Otherwise, the doctor reserves the right to offer an examination in the clinic or to refer
the patient to another place (hospital, laboratory, other specialty).

This prevents the patient from paying for a service that the doctor cannot provide.If the patient does not decribe his concern beforehand and then makes the consultation, the amount paid for the service will be retained.

If during the video consultation it turns out that an examination or treatment in the clinic or at home of the patient is necessary, for the second consultation in person the patient will be only charged the remained difference between the video consultation and the treatment in the clinic or in
home call.

If you have made a payment accidentally, please contact directly Dr. Silvia Kurpanik. We will refund the amount as soon as possible.

Virtual consultation can only be used by patients over the age of 18 years. In case of minors, at lease one parent must be present.


When making an appointment through our website, we ask you to provide your name, surname, date of birth, mobile number and e-mail address of the patient or legal guardian.

Your data will be treated in accordance with the prevailing data protection regulations.

The personal data will be only used for issuing invoices, prescriptions, referrals, medical certificates and for medical documentation.

The phone number helps us to be able to inform you in time if the time of your appointment will change.

The e-mail address we need to open your personal account and to send you your documents.

We never pass your informations to third parties.

If you wish to book an appointment which is already occupied, you will be placed on the waiting list for this appointment.

When the appointment becomes available because another patient has canceled, you will be notified that your appointment has been confirmed.

Otherwise we will offer you an appointment before or after the desired period. Appointments on the waiting list don’t entitle for the booked time. In case of a cancellation, the appointment will be assigned to the next patient in the order in which is has been booked.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, you can do it using the link provides in the confirmation e-mail.

If you want to change your appointment, you can book then a new appointment.

Cancellations and changes are free of charge.


An electronic patient file is available for all of our patients. The account can be either opened by the doctor or by the patient.

Partners and families have the option of combining several patient files in one account.

Medical records of minors are always under the account of a parent.

The patient data is located on a server in europe and is treated in accordance with the European data protection regulations for health data.

Only the patient and the doctor have access to the data.


On our website you have the possibility to get in touch with the doctor via an integrated chat.

Please note that if there is a high volume of patients, chat requests may not be answered promptly as we give priority to our patients in the clinic.

Therefore the chat is not suitable for urgent medical problems or even emergencies.

If you would like to be seen by the doctor promptly, please make an appointment. In case of an emergency, you can always reach the doctor directly by phone.


On our website you can find information on a wide range of medical problems and health issues.

These articles are brief and general informations. They do not represent instructions for therapies.

This requires a thorough collection of information about the patients and his symptoms and an examination by the doctor.

Dr. Silvia Kurpanik is not responsible for any misinterpretation of the texts published on our site with subsequent damage caused by self-therapy without consulting the doctor.


The clinic Dr. Silvia Kurpanik e-Helath Institute does not sell medicines and medical devices and is not part of the contract between patient and pharmacy.

There are no commercial agreements between Dr. Silvia Kurpanik and individual pharmacies or diagnostic institutes.

The patient is free to redeem the issued prescriptions in any pharmacy of his choice.

The patient can carry out prescribed examinations in any diagnsotic institute of his choice.


The clinic Dr. Silvia Kurpanik e-Health Institute does not sell vaccines or antiviral drugs against COVID-19.

Dr. Silvia Kurpanik does not cary out any COVID-19 vaccinations in her clinic.


The topic of data protection is treated in detail in our Privacy Policy.

We do everything to ensure that your personal and health data is protected from access by third parties. However, access to your data never can be completely ruled out.

Never share your medical record account password wuth others.

If you think that your password or your informations are compromides, please email us immediately at privacy@drsilviakurpanik.com.