Healthcare Services Florence

The professional practice of Dr Silvia Kurpanik is located in the center of Florence close to the famous Piazza San Marco. Bus stops of the busses 1, 6, 7, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 30 and 31 are right in front of the entrance. Appointments can be made by phone and e-mail. The fees vary depending on the treatment. There is also a pharmacy next door. Home visits are possible by arrangements.

E-Health Institute: virtual doctor’s office for general medicine

The e-Health Institute is the first virtual doctor’s office for general medicine in Italy with registered office in Florence. It is a facility that offers prevention services, advice and remote therapies for a wide spectrum of health problems, through chat and video calling, as well as in our medical offices.
In response to the growing demand from areas with poor medical care, our objective is to offer via telemedicine a supra-regional medical service that reaches these areas through the internet.
Telemedicine is able to solve a large part of everyday health problems, while for more complex diseases we can help the patient by informing and addressing it; it can be applied as an independent remote treatment, follow-up, monitoring of outpatient therapies and as a monitoring of chronic diseases.
Thanks to telemedicine, outpatient visits and collaborations with diagnostic institutes and specialists, the e-Health Institute guarantees 360-degree care for its patients, wherever they are!

E-Health Institute App: doctor’s platform

The e-Health Institute App is a platform designed for the medical videoconsultation and chat for patients and physicians in conformity with the european telemedicine guidelines and the international privacy legislation. The patient’s platform allows the patient to send a chat request, connect with a physician available online or make an appointment. The doctor’s platform allows the physician to respond to the chat requests, accept incoming calls from patients, call patients from the virtual waiting room or manage their personal appointment book. During the videocall, it is possible to exchange documents and images between physician and patient. A videoconference with multiple participants, more doctors and patients and their relatives and partners, is also possible. Integrated into the platform is a real-time translation of the chat messages and spoken words, facilitating the treatment of international patients. The doctor’s platform is available to all physicians who want to complement their practice with a telemedicine service: follow up, monitoring, second opinion. It allows the physician to look after his patients from a home office. The patient is able to reach his doctor from anywhere, e.g. from vacations. The app is suitable for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and works on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Dr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Dr. Silvia Kurpanik

University: Medical School Hannover – Germany

Medical Association Florence: # 13121

German licence – Swiss licence: # 7601003330830

Certification Clinical Inverstigator, Clinical Pharmacology, Medical School Hannover (D)

Certificate of proficiency for laboratory medicine, SIWF FMH ISFM, Swiss College of General Medicine (CH)

Languages: italian, english, polish, german, spanish

Scientific publications:

Carbon dioxide modifies the morphology and function of mesothelial cells and facilitates transepithelial neuroblastoma cell migration. Yu Y, Kuebler JF, Gross S, Metzelder M, Kurpanik S, Ure BM, Vieten G, Pediatric Surg Int 2009

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Aortic root combination with aortic arch surgery: Is valve sparing procedure worthwile? Khaladj N, Shresta M, Peterss S, Kutschka I, Kurpanik S, Pichlamaier M, Haverich A, Hagl Ch, Clin Res Cardiol 2008: 97 – Suppl 1

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