Coronavirus 2019-nCoVDr. Silvia Kurpanik

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Every day we hear and read news about the rapid spread of the threatening new corona virus. But what kind of virus is it? How sick does is make us? How is it diffused? How can we protect ourselves? In this article you will find all important information and background knowledge on the current topic.
DizzinessDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Dizziness Part One

Dizziness is a symptom that often leads the patient to the doctor because of the suffering and the everyday impairment. Dizziness is a disturbance of equilibrium.
TelemedicineDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik


Can a doctor really make a reliable diagnosis by phone, videocall or even chat? Which health problems can be solved by remote treatment? For whom is telemedicine suitable? What challenges do we encounter in telemedicine? Where are the limits of remote treatment?
VaccinazioniDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Vaccinations Part Four

In the fourth and last part of this series, finally, I want to talk about the much-discussed possible harms of vaccines. I hope to dispel one or other prejudice against vaccines.
VaccinationsDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Vaccinations Part Three

What is the difference between undergoing a disease and vaccination? Can I get infected even if I have been vaccinated? What should I consider when vaccinating?
VaccinationsDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Vaccinations Part Two

What happens in our body when we vaccinate? What is the difference between a live-attenuated vaccine and an inactivated vaccine. Are combination vaccines safe? Why do some vaccines protect a lifetime while others need to be refreshed?
VaccinationsDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Vaccinations Part One

There are more and more controversial opinions about vaccinations, especially on the internet, which makes it difficult for parents and patients to form an informed opinion and make up their mind.
Mens sana in corpore sanoDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Mens sana in corpore sano

Psychotherapy is hard work. It’s like preparing for an exam when we have to study a lot, we need to eat well, sleep enough and do sport.
Iron deficiencyDesigned by yanalya

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is widespread and responsible for many different disorders. Nevertheless, it is not always studied in routine blood tests.
Telemedicine on vacationDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Safe on vacations

You are on holidays in bella italia and have a health problem. You have forgotten your medication and need a prescription. A sunburn, a food allergy, an insect bite, a sprain, a wound that needs treatment or a sick child. Where can I find quick help? Will I be able to communicate with the doctor?
FluorquinoloneDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Fluorquinolone antibiotics

Antibiotics are still overly prescriptive, e.g. if a mild infection could cure without medication, or if it is not at all sure if it is really a bacterial and not a viral infection against which antibiotics are ineffective...
Nail fungusDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Nail fungus

While we were able to hide it well in warm socks and closed shoes in the cold season, in the summer the ugly nail fungus becomes a real problem, when we want to wear sandals...
DepressionDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Depression and vitamin D deficiency

Depression is a widespread “common disease”. More and more people suffer from depression and the use of antidepressant drugs is steadily increasing. There are about 350 million people affected worldwide...
Vitamina D deficiencyDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the population and associated with many symptoms. The normal vitamin D concentration in an adult’s blood should be between 20 and 60 ng/ ml during the summer months...
HeadacheDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik


Who doesn’t know it. Headache. Dull, oppressive, pungent, sometimes accompanied by nausea and light sensitivity. Headache is not a disease, but a symptom. It could be very nagging. Generally the causes are harmless...
Pollen allergiesDr. Silvia Eva Kurpanik

Pollen allergies

With the arrival of the spring for many people begins a real suffering with sneezing, itchy, red and swollen eyes, runny or blocked nose, itchy throat, cough, tiredness and a general feeling unwell...